WHY autism Readiness TRAINing is IMPORTANT?

With the rise in autism diagnosis rates, it isn't a question of IF an autism episode will occur, but WHEN.  

One negative review or experience from an employee/business that was not autism ready could cost a lot in negative press. Being autism accepting in the autism readiness training can be of tremendous help in such a situation. Local and tourist families plan trips to aware businesses because of your dedication to their families and their specific sensory needs and accommodations.


Benefits include:

  • Easily accessible autism online training,
  • Empowered staff create autism-friendly environments and experiences 
  • Attract new, loyal customers.
  • Your business prominently featured in the ATC Directory online and in-app
  • Customized directory profile
  • Ability to update special offers
  • Connect directly with ATC members

 Children/people on the spectrum crave routine and familiar surroundings. Once a family has had a successful visit to your establishment, you can bet they will be back AND tell their friends about the experience.

Together we can put autism on the map!